Swedish Massage

There are many great benefits of Swedish Massage :

  • very relaxing
  • reduces stress
  • reduces pain and muscle tension
  • improves circulation, oxygen and nutrients get pumped into tissue and organs
  • enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow
  • eases elimination of toxins and waste 
  • enhances skin tone and health (our biggest organ)
  • promotes skin regeneration, reduces scars and stretch marks
  • endorphins are released – “happy hormone”, natural painkiller
  • lessens depression and anxiety
  • helps with digestive disorders
  • promotes joint flexibility
  • reduces cramping
  • helps with headaches, relieves migraine pain
  • helps with insomnia related to stress

*If you have any health problems, please make sure you are allowed to have massage treatments before booking

Always drink plenty of water after treatments! Avoid coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks and any heat treatments like sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi. Try to rest after massage and have a calm day/evening.


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